Often left until the last minute, or even sometimes forgotten, travel insurance is essential to cover that unforeseen mishap, be it your missing baggage, your travel delay, missed departure, cancellation or that expensive surgery after that slip down the quayside!

Travel Insurance for Peace of Mind

Quality of provider is as important as scope and extent of coverage and our partners are well respected in the travel insurance business. There are many choices out there, but our rates and coverage are amongst the best on the market, so click away to get your quote and that peace of mind.

Don't forget "to travel happily is to travel light", so cut down on what you take abroad and leave those valuables at home! You may find better coverage of your baggage on your existing home insurance policy, which means you could save a little by deleting baggage cover.

If you go away at least twice a year then annual travel insurance makes sense, but the choices are there and if you feel we can help just call +44 (0) 1246 410100.

Single Trip Travel Insurance Offer